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Mixing and Mastering

By Giorgio Cortiana

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World-class professional sounding mixes.
Whether it's the next chart-topping pop single, an old-school gritty hip-hop album, or a natural sounding jazz quartet, we can deliver an outstanding mix that highlights the best of your music


Digital distribution, CD, or Vinyl.
Complete and pristine masters for your tracks.
We do not simply make your music louder.
We love to embrace the feelings at the core of each track, and use the Mastering process to bring out the full potential of the music.

10+ years of experience in Sound Engineering.

With experience recording and mixing genres as varied as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Metal, Classical, Film and Video Game Soundtracks, here are some of the musicians and producers that Giorgio had the pleasure to work in the studio with: 

Andrew “Mushroom” Vowles, Jonathan Joseph, Jay Auborn, John Matthias, Simon Capet, Mike and Kate Westbrook, Stef Burns, Federico Malaman, Federico Paulovich, Steve Down, Bill Banwell, Coach York, Ben Waghorn, Theo Mizu, Emanuele Naima, Anoir Ben Hadj Amara, Emmy the Harp. 

Add to the mix years of experience as a drummer and percussionist, in both recording studios and live performances.

What you get is a versatile and skilled mixing engineer, capable of working on complex mixes, up to hundreds of tracks.

With a deep knowledge of Psychoacoustics, and a special love for details, Giorgio is a precise and tasteful Mastering Engineer.

His passion for the highest quality, and sensibility across most musical genres, allow him to deliver world-class sounding masters.

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Mixed and Mastered


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Mixed and Mastered


We are always looking for new music and exciting projects to work on.

Tell us about your ideas, your sound and your needs.

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