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Giorgio Cortiana

An immense love for everything audio, and a natural obsession for details.

Originally from Milano, Italy, Giorgio has been working with Audio since 2012.

He graduated in Sound Engineering in 2014 from Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale (APM), Saluzzo, Italy.

With experience recording and mixing genres as varied as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Metal, Classical, Film and Video Game Soundtracks, Giorgio is a versatile and skillful mixing engineer, capable of handling complex mixes, up to hundreds of channels.

The Mastering process is where his skills and passion really shine. With a vast knowledge of Audio Signal Processing, Acoustics, Digital Audio, and Psychoacoustics, and a strong sensitivity for musical aesthetics across multiple genre, Giorgio understands that each music track is unique, and strives for perfection in every Mastering.

Musically trained and expert in music theory, Giorgio has been a percussionist since young age. Here are some of the artists he regularly performs with:

Theo Mizu, Locomoss, John Matthias & Jay Auborn, Bloco B.


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Below you can find more information about all the wonderful and talented people Giorgio has worked with.

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Some of the Producers and Musicians I had the pleasure to work in the studio with:

Andy “Mushroom” Vowles - Composer and Producer (collaboration, recording, mixing)
Jonathan Joseph - Drummer and Producer (recording)
Jay Auborn - Composer and Producer (collaboration, recording, mixing)
John Matthias - Composer and Violinist (collaboration, recording, mixing)
Simon Capet - Choir Conductor (recording, mixing)
Kate Westbrook, Mike Westbrook (mixing)

Edoardo Marani - Producer and Studio Engineer (mastering)

Musicians that I have recorded and/or mixed:

Stef Burns - Guitar,  Federico Malaman - Bass Guitar, Federico Paulovich - Drums, Steve Down - Guitar, Bill Banwell - Bass Guitar, Coach York - Drums, Ben Waghorn - Saxophones and Clarinet, Emma Walshe - Soprano, Clare Lloyd-Griffiths - Soprano, Martha McLorinan - Mezzo Soprano, Hannah Cooke - Mezzo Soprano, Jeremy Budd - Tenor, Peter Davoren - Tenor, Laurence Williams - Bass Baritone, Jonathan Brown - Bass, William Gaunt - Bass

Musicians I had the honour to play music with:

Adrian Utley, John Matthias, Jay Auborn, Theo Mizu, Emanuele Naima, Tristan Cole, Anoir Ben Hadj Amara, Korim Miah, Kieron Bon Suis, Jon Segar, Emmy The Harp, Jon Clarke, Dan Johnson, Katia Magro

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